Friday, July 03, 2009

U. S. Jerusalem Consulate Offers Kosher Food

Last night my husband and I attended the United States Jerusalem Consulate's Independence Day bash. Here's my husband's report.

This time a table was strictly kosher. There was a "staff" there specially to supervise and serve.

There were quiches, salads, doughy things and desserts. I must admit that I used my "weekly splurge" on the desserts. Yes, they were worth it; though I felt ill afterwards. The Ben & Jerry's ice cream didn't tempt me. If it had been Hagen Daz, I would have checked it out for my favorite, mint chip.

From the Consulate, on Agron Street, across from Independence Park and Supersol, we walked to Machaneh Yehuda, the open market. If I had brought a backpack, I would have walked to the bus station from there, too.

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