Thursday, September 30, 2010

Food Cravings

It's almost two years since I unintentionally found myself "dieting."  I blogged quite a bit about it.  I had been hoping that more weight would come off than the fifteen kilo, more than thirty lbs I did lose.  But I can't complain; I'm still getting compliments.

I eat almost no carbohydrates, except fruits and vegetables.  I still eat the skin of the chicken, because if I'd get too extreme I'd end up craving those very things and then eating them.  I'm best off doing what I'm doing.  I take sugar in my morning coffee, less than in the past, but it's a daily necessity.  I don't believe that 0% and skimmed dairy products are healthy, but I don't eat yellow cheeses which have the most fat.  I don't even eat white cheeses besides a very occasionally full-fat cottage cheese.

What's my greatest food craving, besides Hagen Daz Mint which I only eat when visiting America?  Fruit, yes, I shouldn't have so much fruit.  Now I'm craving the totally irresistible no sugar apple compote I made for Simchat Torah.
  • sliced apples (unpeeled)
  • cinnamon
  • natural ginger root, a few slices
  • water, not too much
Yes, that's it!  There are worse things to crave.  So, I think I'm going to get the jar and finish it up!

PS I'm hoping to do diet coaching, small groups, individuals, meeting or by phone.


rickismom said...

Prelude: YOU do what works for you! I am writing this for any readers of yours....
I still maintain that 0% yogurts are OK. Why should I have the extra 50 calories of the 3%?? These 0% yogurts have all the calcium of the 3%. I get enough fat from milk and cheese, and from cooking.And in cooking, I use a healthier ytpe of fat than the milk fat. And if you are eating chicken skin (pure cholesterol!)why is 0% yogurt bad????!!??
Also, many carbohydrates, if eaten WITHOUT fat, are a heathy part of a diet. For example, one slice of normal whole wheat bread is probably more filling than a big pear, yet it has fewer calories. And the whole wheat vitamins are good.
A good diet is a NORMAL one (protein, low fat, fruits, vegies, and some carbs)taken in moderate amounts. I don't even call my "diet" (I have lost so far 40 kilos, ie 88 lbs)a diet. I call it normal living. I allow myself food I crave in MODERATE amounts (ie., one slice of cheesecake every motzai shabbas...but NOT for example motzai chag..., and maybe a cube or 2 of chocolate every month....these can change for person to person, but here the important thing is to really treat "treats" as a once-in-awhile-thing, and not the daily fare that they have become in modern culture!!).
Normal eating of normal foods in moderate amounts (new "dieter" are urged to count calories and MEASURE portion size!), and getting out to exercise, AND getting enough sleep will leave a person feeling energetic, satisfied, and will result in weight loss. Also vitally important is to envestigate what is triggering overeating, and work to correct those underlying causes.

Batya said...

Yes, we're all different. I don't find bread filling. I just want more and can eat enormous quantities of bread because of it. The healthier the bread the more I want to eat it. The same with brown rice. I can't eat just a spoonful or two.
I use very little fat in cooking and don't make nor eat sauces.
I'm glad you've lost so much weight.