Monday, August 25, 2008

Multiple Intelligences

I don't think my husband and I are stupid. He was even chosen to be in one of the panels at the jblogger convention. But did anyone there catch his reaction after he won the "waffle-iron?" Panic at having to learn how to use a new machine. So you can imagine his reaction when our TV "died" after a power "outage" some time before Pesach, (springtime.)

I've always been ambivalent about having a TV, and during various times during our married life we've managed fine without. Since we have internet, we could even watch the TV news since the TV's demise. So, I didn't rush to get it fixed. It's death didn't bother me all that much. I could still watch my DVDs on the "other computer."

The other day a retired neighbor came over to borrow some of my DVDs and videos and asked if I was interested in borrowing any of his. I asked for DVDs.

"But you have a TV and VCR, too," he said.
"But our TV is dead, so I use the laptop."
"How did it happen?"
I told him the story.
"It's probably just a 3 shekel (less than a dollar) fuse. I'll fix it."

He came over a different day, took it apart, extracted the burnt fuse, brought it to Kashayoff Electronics, King George St., Jerusalem and bought me a replacement fuse.

Then the next day he replaced the fuse, and...

We could dance for joy!

Thank G-d for great neighbors!!


Leora said...

The smartest people are those who make friends.

Batya said...

Over the years, B"H, we've been lucky that way. It helps being in a good community.