Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fly A Kite!

It was the annual kite day in the Israel Museum! I remember going decades ago to one of the first when my own kids were young. My vague memories didn't prepare me for the mobs and excitement of yesterday.

It was totally and utterly thrilling. I was there with my granddaughters and eldest daughter enjoying her roll as "aunt."

Even thought the museum is undergoing major construction, there was plenty to room for masses of people of all ages to run around clutching thin kite string. And, yes, strings did get all tangled up, but mood was good and I didn't notice any hysteria.

You could bring your own kite, or pay (too much money) for a make your own kite workshop. At least the kite actually flew amazingly impressively.

And the kite was easier to construct than we had been led to believe. As you can see, many of the participants were young.

And for those who just wanted to play, the museum still has an outdoor playground. My grandchildren weren't the only second, and probably third, generation kids enjoying a day in the Israel Museum.


ilanadavita said...

Kites are so beautiful when they are flying.

muse said...

for sure

Leora said...

Looks like it was a lovely day. There's a picture of a woman holding an adorable baby in one of your photos. My eyes really focused on them.

Yes, go fly a kite indeed!

muse said...

I remember that young mother when she was a little girl. No, not a relative.