Sunday, August 17, 2008

I guess I didn't introduce myself properly...

Even though I often describe my blogs as my very own newspapers or magazines, where I'm the boss, the other day when I went to the Gush Katif Museum I handled it badly, very badly.

I saw a painting and asked the guy in charge:

"What is this supposed to signify?"

His answer made no sense, at least to me, nor to my friend, and I wasn't all that diplomatic. I don't think I was aggressive or insulting, just too obviously confused.

Another picture, which had my friend, a resident of the Nitzan "DP Camp," had guessed "must be about the northern Shomron yishuvim, since in Gush Katif we didn't wear such heavy clothes," is identified in a Jerusalem Post article as "a family from Gush Katif."

The JPost reporter, more professional than myself, asked the right questions and got answers. I found the answers I received so unhelpful, I couldn't resist but to give some "advice."

"How about putting -- on that wall, instead of the picture, since the picture doesn't really communicate."

Correct, I wasn't very diplomatic. I'm sure this post doesn't help much. Strangely, the pr statements give an impression different from what we felt.

If you can, please visit and let me know what you think. It's in Jerusalem, on 5 Rechov Shaare Tzedek, near Rechov Agripas.


Leora said...

I do get the sense from your post that you are not happy with the presentation. I can understand that; it was/is a complex and difficult subject, painful to many.

You write in a very human voice, even your doubts about your own writing are telling.

frumhouse said...

I just wrote a post about my take on the museum. I would bet my leanings are similar to yours... I would take the opportunity to visit there is I could, though.

Batya said...

leora, frum,

I wanted to like the museum, but I can't lie.