Monday, July 03, 2006

peeling hard-boiled eggs

I'm on a cooking/food list, and someone asked a question, the classic dilemma that we all debate! That includes even the most experienced cook.

How can we guarantee that the shells will come off the hard-boiled eggs easily?

This doesn't promise 100% success, but it's usually stress-free, with minimal shell-sticking.

  • I salt the water.
  • I boil up the eggs and water together
  • when it bubbles, I lower the flame to simmer
  • When the cooking's over, 5 minutes? (I usually cook by "smell")
  • I slightly crack each shell, with a knife handle, to let water in between the shell and the egg.
  • Then I pour out the hot and run cold water over them.
  • They sit until cool, and then they should peel easily.

Other suggestions welcome!


Soccer Dad said...

In Yeshiva (KBY) we were once testing how you could tell if an egg was raw or hard boiled. So we spun them. One of them fell off the table onto the floor. It was raw.

Batya said...

that's a fail-proof test