Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Colors are back! Bleating goats and Heard around the pool!

colors are back as you can see! I don't know how they left at all.


Last summer, when I was in NY, new neighbors moved next door. Apparently when my husband first met them he said: "I hope you're not getting a dog; my wife (yoo hoo, that's me!) doesn't like the noise." At least that's what my neighbor told me when we first met. And, don't worry, there's no dog.

A few months ago, when my garden's weeds were still green, they said: "I hope you don't mind, but we're getting goats. Would you mind if they ate your weeds?"
I graciously offered them all the weeds in my garden, enough for three herds of goats.

Well, the goats are here. They're too "domesticated" to eat straight from the garden, so the weeds have to be cut and served, like a human salad.

About the noise, did you know that bleating is a very soothing sound? Baruch Hashem, thank the L-rd!


Overheard a question:
Is your extra apartment available? It seems that my "guests from the north" will have to stay a bit longer, and the apartment they're in now won't be available soon. Yes, they're having great fun here. But they've lost most of their year's income, since it's seasonal, and this is the season.

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