Wednesday, July 12, 2006

a bissel changes and misc mutterings

I'm doing a little housekeeping here. Just cleaned something off the sidebar, and my next plan is to add the list of Kosher Cooking Carnivals. I should have done that ages ago. Baruch Hashem there are volunteers for some future editions, and I'll give details next week, when the next one comes out. Hint! Hint! Please send me your kosher food links!

Due to a foul-up with some of the Havel Havelim #77 posts, I made an address change with Conservative Cat Carnival Form. For some reason yahoo has been considering them spam, and they were lost. So you can also send to where I'll collect posts.

To give credit and make it possible for others to use it, I must add the link to the clipart I've been using to add some fun to my posts.

Of course, the housekeeping I really should be doing would include chores like folding the laundry and throwing out old papers and stuff. I really must get those things done next week before going to the states. Yes, really!

Now to get ready for two performances at ETAI! First the presentation I don't recommend anyone go to, and second I'll be in a "show!" Yes, I decided to have fun and went to the performance sessions, where we learned how to get our students to put on a play by preparing for one ourselves. We'll be doing a couple of scenes and a song from Peter Pan! That's the Mary Martin one I remember from my childhood. Did you know that she was Larry Hagman of Dallas's mother?!???

Wish me luck!

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