Saturday, July 29, 2006

Kosher Eating in NY

I've been having a yummy time here.

NY is the second best kosher restaurant scene, after Jerusalem, of course.

First of all, in my parent's town of Great Neck, LI, there are more kosher restaurants than there used to be shomer shabbat families in the '60's.

My mother gets a lot of food from Mazer's which is actually in Little Neck. She wishes that they'd deliver. They are a kosher supermarket with a meat restaurant and lots of prepared foods for sale. Everything's delicious.

In Great Neck on Middleneck Rd. there's "Shish Kabob." Food's fine, but the acoustics are awful, since it's all marble and glass and mirrors. I treated the clan, my parents, d#3, sister and her two kids for an early dinner on Monday.

Today I lunched on my favorite Hagen Daz, mint-chip and dulce de la leche in Penn Station.

I had lunch the other day at that big dairy place on broadway.

Last night my cousin and I were at the Jewish Museum and had their "oriental fish," which was nice. The night before another cousin and I were on the west side and had fish at "Nargila," formerly Dougies. There should have had been side dishes which were in the menu, but...

The other day my parents and I met at something called "Dairy Queen" (I think that's it) in the Lake Success shopping center. It's next to a meat place where there used to be the Singer Sewing Machine store.

That's it for the first week, even less, in NY.

But the best food will be this Shabbat at my sister-in-law's!! For that you need protexia!


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