Sunday, July 02, 2006

all sorts of things

a hodge-podge of topics,
this Sunday morning
before my swim
and trip to Jerusalem

trying to think of a list
of bloggers
to invite to guest-blog
when I go to New York
in three weeks
--one accepted, so far

three active blogs
so I need a few
though no one
on more than one

too tired
to complete sentences

next week
presenting at ETAI
so must prepare
can't walk in empty-handed

next week's
77th Havel Havelim
is mine, too
so lots to do
hint, hint
links to
shilohmuse at shiloh dot com

and week after that
at same address
the 8th Kosher Cooking Carnival
a feast for all

changed the blogpatrol buttons
no numbers now
since they miss
so many days and and hours of visitors
my oldest counter's
rather senile, I'm afraid
though I love them
just the same

I hope this
morning's swim
brings a needed sharpness
to my mind
if the water's cold
I won't feel so old

Shavua Tov

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