Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So Close Yet So Far

The title of this post is how I have been feeling the past week (or so).

Close because of the incredible unity that has been shown by Jewish people, around the world, coming together to support Israel.
Close because of live coverage and updates by dedicated bloggers and others.
Close because it is our people, relatives, friends, being bombarded and hurt.
Close because it is our land, the cities that we have learnt about in Tanach (Bible), the places that many of have visited or lived, have a connection with.
Close because we can feel the pain and my heart goes out to those who are suffering.

But far because of the physical distance.
Far because I can't be there to give proper support.
Far because I feel helpless here.
Far because of the different culture here, a secular society.
Far because there is so much we need to do to improve the situation.
Far because it's our home and we're not there.

For those who can't pick up and go there, we are doing what we can to help from our distant shores. That may be a rally to show support, saying extra Tehillim (prayers) or publicizing things we can do and where people can find news and information about Israel.
Ahavat Chinam (unconditional love for our brethren and mankind) was one of the messages of the Rav who spoke at a communal Tehillim (prayer) session that I went to earlier. The pain and anguish of one is the pain and anguish of Klal Yisrael yet the joy and happiness of one is also the joy and happiness of Klal Yisrael. As a united people, everything is shared therefore we have a responsibility to help our fellow brethren.
Do what you can to ease suffering, not only of those in Israel but of those close to you, in your community, in your circle of friends, your family. Every little selfless, positive action counts. Actions of unconditional kindness, especially during this time of the Three Weeks, really do help make a difference and will hopefully bring peace and complete redemption very, very soon.

Wherever I am, my blogs think about Eretz Yisrael. (HAT TIP: Jameel)

I am honoured to be a guest blogger, along with Isramom here at me-ander!
Normally I'm all about the pictures and reading what many others have posted on their blogs (especially this past week) but this is an opportunity to write a little, share some thoughts rather than images.
Thank you Batya and have a safe and wonderful trip.


Pragmatician said...

Talented with pictures and with words, very nicely written and very recognizable to all of us in chuts l’arets.

Batya said...

yes she is

Anonymous said...

mmm, good pictures, good writing
...very apt and timely writing I too feel so far and yet so close.

regards Aaron