Thursday, July 13, 2006

Breaking the fast

We have a lot of fast days in Judaism, and even if the actual fasting isn't a problem, breaking it on the wrong foods may be.

The body is very sensitive after fasting, and it sometimes reacts strangely.

I remember a number of years ago, we were in New York for the summer. The 25 hour Tisha B'Av fast (9th of the Jewish month of Av) went fine. My problem started with the orange juice I drank to break it. I felt my mouth burning. It was horribly painful and the sensation lasted a couple of hours. So I try to stick with water.

For a number of years, when the kids were still home, I made a tradition of baking a homemade pizza as part of our post-fast meal. I didn't do that this year; though I did make the second part of the old menu.

Simple though Two-Pot Vegetable Soup

  • First I take out the dried peas, sort through to make sure there are no stones, bugs etc.
  • Then I rinse them
  • Then I pour boiling water on them and start cooking them up
  • Next, in a larger pot, I add sliced onions and carrots and oil and cook them. When they soften, add other vegetables.
  • Then add the peas and water and some more water.
  • Cook together for half an hour and then add your spices, salt, pepper, paprika, etc.
  • Simmer another 15-20 minutes and then let it sit to finish using its own heat.
  • I eat it with a bit of Tamari Sauce, though my husband and son added grated cheese and crackers.

I also made my "baked irresistible fries."

  • on a large baking pan, put a sheet of parchment paper for baking
  • spread bite-size pieces of potato
  • dribble some oil and flavor with salt, pepper and whatever spices you like
  • bake in hot oven until seems ready



YMedad said...

This is Muse's husband, I who cooks the Shabbat chicken soup.

The soup was very good. My son & I both complimented the chef.

In fact, most everything she cooks is good.

Batya said...

Yes, they actually did compliment me on the soup! Simple vegetable soups are the best for breaking fasts or for those convelescing.

ps why don't you ask my husband to post his Shabbat soup on his blog, so I can include it in KCC!!