Sunday, July 23, 2006

Here are the washing machine instructions

Here are the instructions I left. The machine has delicate cycles, too, but I don't think they'll be needed for "men's clothes." I didn't include army uniforms, but they're done like "dirty dark work clothes." My machine is European, which heats up its own water, and as you see I have full flexibility in heat and length of cycle. I like it better than the American machines.

always make sure the door is closed
repairman's number is on machine, add missing digit (it's an old sticker, and they added another digit to the cell numbers here)

your underwear (not socks), towels, and boys' white underwear, white socks and filthy white t shirts all go together
#1 (pre-wash), soap in both places, 70 degrees

most everything else 30 degrees
separate by color

dirty dark work clothes and heavy dark socks, and your dark socks can be done in a #1 but 30 degrees, machine should be "not stuffed"

sheets, shirts etc, 30 degrees "colored wash", if they seem very dirty, then #2 white wash, soap in the right side of soap container

don't over-stuff machine
bad for machine and wash doesn't come out clean

if very little in drum, then press "economy wash" button

remember to keep machine off when not in use

always check that door is shut

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wendy said...

Good instructions! I love how you can set the temp for the wash.