Friday, July 28, 2006

Remind me! Please, to walk!

Yes, darlings, it's me! I'm writing from my sister-in-law's. Now it's raining, but it wasn't when I had to get from Penn Station to Grand Central. I figured I ought to "nurse" my basketball injury, my sore foot, so instead of walking crosstown and uptown, I'd take the subway. I remembered that the shuttle was either closer to the 7th or 8th avenue trains and that last time, I had guessed wrong, so I figured it was closer to the 8th, since I got off the LIRR at the 7th, and walked that long block to the 8th, but, my luck, I guessed wrong again. It was the 7th, so I had to rewalk it and a few other underground miles, until I found the shuttle and then another distance until I found Grand Central. I should have just gone out and walked on the street; it wouldn't' have been any worse. Please remind me next time. shabbat shalom!

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