Monday, October 30, 2006


It's funny how far removed I feel from Halloween, but all of a sudden this year a bunch of blog carnivals are using it as the theme, since it's this week on October 31, and I see all this Halloween symbols.

For me the "holiday" only really existed until I was 13, or actually 12.

In Bell Park Gardens, Bayside, NY, in the 1950's, all the kids dressed up in costumes, took large shopping bags from our mothers and went door to door. It was was an innocent time and place. The only danger was from eating too much candy. Being a relatively compact, small garden apartment community, we were able to get to dozens or even hundreds of homes during the evening. Sometimes we'd have to run home and empty our bags before finishing our route.

After we moved it was different. I guess my brother and sister went out "trick or treating," but I don't think that I did.

What should I wish to those whose kids are still going from house to house? "Stay safe!" That should cover all options.

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