Monday, October 30, 2006

First cat and more...

Good morning.

First of all, I'm very proud of myself. Not long ago I decided to stop being so compulsive about my blogging. I don't have to blog on both main blogs at least twice a day; right? So yesterday, I just didn't end up posting here. Everything's fine, thank G-d. It's like my teaching myself to leave food on the plate. There's no reason to eat everything. It's always healthier to eat less, unless one is anorexic, but that's a different type of compulsive obsessive disorder.

Last night I didn't go to play basketball, since my shoulder still isn't 100% ok. I really messed it up a few weeks ago when I played after I had pulled a muscle. When I went after a ball, I literally felt my arm "fly out of my body" and then "pulled it in." I guess it was a dislocation of sorts. That week at work I could barely write on the white/blackboard with my hand only going waist high. By the time I saw the doctor it was on the mend, so he didn't send me to a specialist. Yesterday at work I was able to write all over the board, which didn't cheer my students up, since they had to copy everything.

All along I've been going to my exercise class, but when something hurts, I just do an alternative exercise which doesn't. Sometimes I figure something out and sometimes Channinat Hashem gives me pointers. I used to teach classes but not as well as she does.

and about the cats...
For the first time I have a post in Carnival of the Cats. Looks like nice company there. We used to be cat owners. The boys were raised with cats, the nicest pets, at least in my opinion.

And for some other carnival news. We're also featured in Carnival of the Recipes and of course in Havel Havelim.

So that should give you lots of extra things to read, enjoy.

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