Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Building a new year

Last night my husband and son-in-law started putting up the "succah." It's the temporary "hut" in which one must "live" during the Succot holiday. Traditionally the building is done immediately after Yom Kippur, when due to our repentance, we're considered as "new people," since our slate of sins has been wiped clean. So it's important to start with mitzvot, G-d's commandments.

I may be a bad girl, but I really wish the walls could go up at the very last minute, since... they block my access to the clothes lines, view and sunlight. The kitchen becomes almost a dungeon. At night I can't see the stars through the kitchen window. OK, I'm a kvetch.

Now on a better note...

There are things I must do, which I should have had done earlier.

There are a couple of carnivals I must mention.

First is one I didn't notice, the Personal development Carnival, which is full of good advice. And the second is the 21st Carnival of Family Life, which has two of my posts! Take a gander at both. You'll find plenty to read.

And since I'm talking about carnivals, the Kosher Cooking Carnival will be posted in a couple of weeks! So please don't forget to send me links to posts about food, kosher food, traditional Jewish food, and that includes pictures, recipes, restaurants etc. Send to shilohmuse at yahoo dot com or via blog carnival.

By the time, this view is no longer blocked, I wonder how much more will be built?


~ Sarah ~ said...

Nice view you've got there.
Our sukkah also blocks the view out the kitchen window and makes it quite dark.
They (being dad & little brother) haven't started building quite yet but we have nice green Schach ready from our palm tree, that was given a trim today.

Pragmatician said...

seems like there's plenty of place at least but I see why it's inconvenient.
At least there, unlike here, the chancee of using the Sukkah is probable.
With our messed up climate we never know when it might start to rain.

muse said...

Sarah, thanks
Prag' the succah's a nice size, but since the structure is about to collapse, I couldn't "open" the walls to hang the wash, so I had to set up small folding things.
In two weeks, it will be down, but by then it may be raining...