Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'm walking to Jerusalem today...

... sort of.

The army isn't letting go the entire way by foot, not that I could pull it off if they really allowed us, between the strong sun and the problems I've been having with my right foot.

This will be the fourth annual Od Avihu Chai March in memory of Avihu Keinan who was killed three years ago in a badly planned army action. Since then, we've been led by his father Moshe to Jerusalem.

We'll go part of the way between Shiloh and Ofra, then we'll be bussed to Pisgat Ze'ev, and we'll walk to Beit Orot, take a lunch break in their succah, listen to Chanan Porat and then, G-d willing, walk to the kotel.

It's not a mountain hike, like they had yesterday in the Hebron Hills. We walk along the roads.

Actually, I was in Jerusalem earlier in the week, when I took these pictures. I had planned on going to the kotel then, but it was so unbearably crowded when I got to Sha'ar Yaffo, the Jaffa Gate that I changed direction. I'm not the type to follow the crowds.

I wasn't surprised when I read that the same morning there was the Largest Priestly Blessing Crowd Since Temple Mount Liberation!

I didn't sleep well last night; I guess the adrenalin is already taking effect. I'll certainly need it. Considering that I'm always the oldest female with the group, and I'm certainly not in competition with anyone, I have no ego problem getting into one of the accompanying vehicles at times. Just my "being there" is enough, and I consider myself the official photographer more than anything else.

I hope that this year the army and police won't make us detour.

I had better finish packing up to go. If you want to meet us on the way, contact Orit 0545-649-140.

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