Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Lingo

I really must apologize for sending posts like Rounding up, Simchat Torah plus to the Carnival of the Vanities, when it's filled with what I had forgotten is to most incomprehensible words and terms, aka--the Lingo!

Honestly, I was certain that it would make it sufficiently clear to have links of explanation for all of the words most other people wouldn't be familiar with. It never occurred to me that the host wouldn't be curious enough to click the links. Last week was a Jewish Holiday, and it's pretty obvious that the holiday would be a central topic to my blogging.

Granted I live in a world where all these terms are well-known, though I wasn't raised with the knowledge, something I've mentioned.

Living in a religious community in Israel I guess we speak in a "dialect," of sorts. But that refers to other words which have meaning for us in Shiloh but other meanings in other places. When I wrote about Simchat Torah, I didn't use those terms. I just live a very full Jewish life and forget that most of the world isn't Jewish and most of them and a good portion of Jews in this world really don't care at all about Judaism, its history, holidays etc.

That's one of the reasons I started the Kosher Cooking Carnival. I had been thinking of doing it for awhile, but believe me, I really didn't want the responsibility and commitment. Life's busy enough. But then the recipe carnival I sometimes submit posts to rejected a post of mine. The reason was that the week's theme was pork, and they insisted that all recipes must be for pork. Now, pork is explicitly forbidden by Jewish Law, and Islam, too. They didn't even offer to do a "postscript" of non-pork recipes.
"No is no!"

So, I figured that it was a message, and so I posted The Very First Kosher Cooking Carnival. And next week, G-d willing I'll post the eleventh, so send me your kosher food links ASAP. If you're interested in hosting one, please let me know.


Kehaar said...

I guess you caught my commentary over at CoTV, huh? :) It's not that I'm incurious about the lingo. It's just that reading the material for the Carnival is time-consuming enough without clicking through all the links in the various posts!

I'll go back and check it out...when I get the time!


muse said...

The carnivals are all very different, and Havel Havelim is one of the largest. I just hosted this week's. To do HH we not only write up and read submitted links, we also scour and search the interet for suitable posts from various blogs.

Baleboosteh said...

Can't wait! I love the recipes on the Kosher Cooking Carnival!

muse said...

Thanks, b

It's almost done!