Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Not quite what I planned for this morning

So far, I haven't really kept to my schedule, or plans.
Tuesday is my "free morning" before my long workday. So, it's for dishes and laundry, blogging etc. From Wed. on I'm too busy, so I wanted to get myself settled with a photo host.
As I was drinking my coffee and checking my email, my husband asked to use the computer for a sec before going to his university studies.
So I sat down by the other computer, which doesn't have internet, and started playing spider solitaire, which competes with free cell when I waste time. An hour later, while still sipping my coffee, in the middle of a game with two "suits" which looked like the very first I could win, the phone rang.
"Do you want to take a walk?"
It was my chief walking partner, and we haven't been on our walking regime for half a year.
"Sure, when?"
Of course I didn't tell her what I was doing...
"In 15 minutes. We'll go with--"
Well, that was a tough one. How could I finish the game, shower, get dressed, doven, eat and all in 15 minutes? Impossible.
"OK, how about 20 minutes?"
Of course I was ready in 15 and had to wait for them, but I didn't do most of the stuff on my list. Actually 3 1/2 hours later I still have to shower and dress for work.
It was a nice walk and we found another walking neighbor on the way.
I came back, ate and finished the spider game, yes, winning my very first on that level.
And I signed up with flickr, but wasted so much time figuring it out. I see that I have to blog differently if I'm going to use pictures. Maybe I should also sign with photobucket and then see which is easier.
And even more important, I should turn off the computer, since I do have a lot to do and not much time.
But at least I took a walk!


Nelumbo said...

What is it about walking...I always feel like I have accomplished something if I went on a walk that day, even if I never made it out of my excerise clothes and have been playing computer games till 10 PM

muse said...

It's healthy to get out. Walking exercises the entire body. I love it.