Monday, October 23, 2006

Truth, Justice and the American Way....

Last night, in the process of trying to get home, I had a major decision to make. I had been waiting "too long" for a ride from the Shiloh Junction. I had gotten that far rather easily, but there I was so close to home, and... nothing.

Finally, a vehicle came buy. It was an "open-back" truck. There was room for me in the back seat. I hoisted in my bag-on-wheels, lifted my skirt a bit, lifted my leg, lifted my skirt some more, then tried the leg again, and then... I realized that either my skirt would have to go up too far or rip, or something else in my knee would rip, or it would all get ripped. So, I reached into the truck, pulled out my bag, declined the ride and continued waiting.

Sometimes decisions are that easy and personal. I wasted a minute of time of others, but I saved myself from possible harm. And a few minutes later a much better, more comfortable ride came by which took me straight to my door.

Sometimes decisions are much more difficult and they affect more people. Read about this young scientist, and brave whistle-blower, Walter DeNino, who discovered outright falsifications in the research reports of his boss, who was a famous scientist. Walter DeNino's a real hero, and I hope his courage and honor and intelligence take him far.

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