Thursday, October 26, 2006

Last night...

Last night...

Last night I got a phone call from Bnai Akiva:

"Has -- called you?"
"Oh, well, would you mind having guests for
"To eat or sleep?"
"Eat Shabbat lunch... and sleep over."
We used to do this sort of thing all the time, but then I was given a veto that lasted many years. But now the house is so empty, I decided to take the plunge. But it means that I have to get a room ready for strangers.

Last night I decided to take a walk. I had been out for a bit earlier, to an "azkara," memorial ceremony. I hadn't had much exercise, partially because I had woken up in severe pain from too much wedding dancing. But the evening called to me. No sun, and I was curious about what my camera would find.

It was too misty and dark to take pictures. Also, since the moon was new, the sky was dark. Then I saw a very regal figure perched on the garbage dumpster. I set the camera for "night" and tried shooting, but being my impatient self, I kept moving the camera before the shutter clicked.

As a stalked the cat, a neighbor came by with a dog. The cat and dog must be "friends," since they ignored each other. We talked "digital," as he gave me all sorts of pointers, while I kept trying to get and keep the cat in focus.

OK, I confess. I cropped these two.


wendy said...

Very cool spooky cat!

Company will be nice - I'm glad you had a little warning, atleast!

Batya said...

The cat really posed.

Bagel Blogger said...

Scary looking cat!


muse said...

patiently and politely posed