Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Who's gonna win?

photo credit
Now it's becoming a very close race between
flickr and Photobucket to see which will be my photo host. I'm waiting for reports from those who can see well in the distance; maybe there's someone else, closing in real fast!
Get your votes in! Please!

And can someone please explain to me how these things work. Do I download my digital pictures from the camera into the photo host and then from there send them off and blog them? Which can give me the best security? I don't want all of my pictures freely available. Or do I keep downloading to the computer or burn into a cd and then from that into the "PH" if there's something I want to blog?

Yes, I know that I ask very stupid basic questions.


~ Sarah ~ said...

download from the camera always to your computer first (and then burn cds so you have them backed up) and then just upload the ones you want onto the photo hosts. with flickr you can choose to keep them private so that only you or people you allow can see them.

muse said...

I figure that it's better to seem stupid than to be stupid.

TC said...

I vote for photobucket. You can upload a bunch at once and you can make them private as well.

muse said...

This is getting interesting. I'm waiting for more votes!

~ Sarah ~ said...

no such things as a stupid question.

muse said...

You're kind.

Should I toss a coin between the two?