Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Most Disappointing Ice Cream!

Last summer, when I was visiting my parents in New York, my sister-in-law came over one evening, and we decided to go out and "treat" ourselves. She told me that in her Westchester community, they're jealous of all the great kosher nosh places in Great Neck.

She told me about some fancy ice cream place where you could mix your own flavors. and suggested that we try Cold Stone. My usual ice cream treat is Häagen-Dazs mint, mint anything. But we're adventurous grandmothers and figured
What could be wrong with ice cream?

And then we began eating the stuff. Well, we tried to eat it. No, we didn't finish it. No "Clean Plate Club" for us! Though we probably, OK certainly, ate more than we should have. It wasn't worth it. The ice cream didn't taste good at all.

Next time, we'll stick with the tried and true. Now why did I start this? I'm starting to crave my mint Häagen-Dazs.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you about Cold Stone ice cream being disappointing. Leaves an after taste I don't like.

Haagen-dazs low-fat ice creams are among my favorites.

Only problem is, I end up eating twice as much because I figure they are better for me!

I try not to eat out of the pint container....really, I do.

Batya said...

I finally decided that the best thing is just to buy a serving, even though it cost more per ounce, you end up eating less, since it's not there to tempt you!