Friday, October 27, 2006


The other day my husband came home from the market and announced that he had bought something new! He gets our fruits and vegetables in Jerusalem's "open" market called Machaneh Yehuda.
He's very adventurous when it comes to vegetables.
He took out some peculiar-looking things from a bag. They got me nervous, since they reminded me of some real rip-offs he once bought, which had looked like "baked mud," but the guy in the store called them "truffles." Well, maybe they were about five hundred years ago, but they weren't when they entered my house. So I was nervous.
He told me that they were "red potatoes."
Yesterday I decided to cook them. I figured that they would be nice baked with sweet potato. So I washed them and cut them, and...

...discovered that they weren't red. They were purple, like tincture of violet, which we used to have for first aid. The color even leaked onto my hands, like beets, but dark purple.
Don't worry! I'm not afraid of vegetables! I finished cutting everything, put it in the dish and baked it. Very simple.
They're pretty, but I don't think the flavor is worth the extra money. And I wasn't told the price.


vicki said...

The purple taters are quite good. You veggie dish looks delicious.

Love Terra Potatoe Chips made with purple potatoes and other types of potatoes, including sweet potatoes. You'll have to try them when you are in the states.

Another one of my "healthy" choices...ha!

nyceducator said...

I've given up taters altogether, except sweet potatoes. Sugar Busters says everything but the skin turns to sugar in your stomach.

That was enough for me. Though the purple ones look kind of intriguing.

~ Sarah ~ said...

lol that's like when dad brought home purple carrots a few years back. they didn't taste especially good but it was interesting!

the blue/purple Terra potato chips are quite nice though. had them as in-flight snack from LA to NY. that was a novelty for me!

Bagel Blogger said...


Reminds me of a scam some fresh produce vendors were doing they were spraying normal white potatoes 'pink' as the pink ones were selling for more.

I wonder how they would go/look as potatoe wedges ala mexican?


muse said...

I guess I'll have to look for the blue/purple Terra potato chips next trip.

NYCE, I've also read that the white potatoes are bad for the body sugar, so I don't cook or eat them much.

muse said...

bb, didn't see you there.
You must have commented just as I was writing.

Yes, I must admit that I was wondering how "they did it."

YMedad said...

This is the husband and shuk shopper. I looked around and what I bought are not "red potatoes" as the skin of mine are almost black and they don't seem to be the Terra variety either. And my wife left out the other purchase: half asparagus (the stem) and half broccoli (the top).

muse said...

I think they tasted like broccoli with a tough stem.