Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Photo host?

This is a simple question; at least I hope so.
After struggling with the blogger-caused delays, unreliability and frustration everytime I try to post my photos and the discovery that it can't handle all sorts of images, I'm now investigating "free photo hosts," or whatever they are.

I'd appreciate your input, any of you who use them or stopped using them or changed hosts, etc. I'm interested in one that can handle multiple blogs and doesn't give instructions in incomprehensible codes and terms.

Please explain things in the simplest language. And how can it affect my use of my digital camera?

I once tried one, but didn't do what I wanted. I spent hours with it and gave up.

So, when you're explaining, please remember that I'm from the previous century.

Thanks--awaiting your comments!


~ Sarah ~ said...


it's pretty easy to use and gives you different sizes of images and the instructions are pretty straightforward. i can explain more later if you want.

~ Sarah ~ said...

or http://imageshack.com/

hope that helps!

muse said...

Thanks, which is easier?

wendy said...

I sometimes use "Hello" it works with "Picasa" which is a google product. You sign up for Hello, then it uses Picasa to search through your photos to find what you want to put on blogger.

But it doesn't let you put the picture right into the post that you are writing - it uploads it right onto your blog, and if you want it inside of a post, you have to copy and paste and delete to get it in.

I don't really like the program, but it is the only one I know how to use. I prefer to use the blogger picture icon.

I have a feeling this was not very helpful!

TC said...

this is a great question. My friend has been on the lookout for a picture host as well.


Baleboosteh said...

I have used photobucket.com for a couple of years now and have found it to be both reliable and easy to use.
Good luck!

muse said...

thanks for all the help

Wendy, I tried Picasa for a bit and deleted it, terrible stuff.

It seems like a draw between flicka and photobucket.

Now what's the difference?