Friday, October 13, 2006

Behind the scenes, Od Avihu Chai March

Yes, purple, just like this purple, is the color! Avihu Keinan was in the Givati Brigade, and part of his uniform was a purple beret. That's why most of the marchers are in purple tee shirts. This year they were sponsored by Amiel Davidson, our local plumber.

Following are pictures, and the captions underneath tell the "Behind the scenes" stories.

This scene was taken at Tzomet Shiloh, the Shiloh Junction, where Rabbi Elchanan Ben Nun gave a short Dvar Torah, Torah Talk, before we began marching. You should know that three of the men pictured here are bereaved fathers. Moshe Keinan isn't the only one. Yossi, father of Noam Apter and Rav Elchanan, father of Harel Ben Nun.

The tall young man in the back staring at the camera helped me during the march by carrying my bag, which was filled with a heavy bottle of water and some food. I can walk, but I can't schlepp!

Moshe Keinan with a grandson.
Instructions for marchers was to wear hats, but not everyone did. Of course "hats" were supposed to be with brims to keep the sun off of the face. Some of the young girls used the instructions to wear scarves like their mothers. I just wanted you to know that these aren't married teenagers.

I'm sure you're not surprised to hear that very few used sun screen. It has become a custom for me to bring a large container and periodically pass it around. When anybody suddenly remembered to put it on, they'd ask me.
You can see the soldiers in the crowd and a jeep up front. I felt sorry for the soldiers dressed so warmly and topped off with helmets and bullet-proof vests. It was a hot day.

Here's the car that followed us the whole way and came to my rescue. And if you're wondering, I took all the pictures; there are none of me in this collection.


Anonymous said...

There are so many people in your family,I can't believe that,But they are beautiful.

muse said...

We're friends and neighbors who are "as family."