Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Livin' it up!

For bloggers, carnivals are our entertainment and networking medium! According to Blog Carnival, there are 579 and new ones are created everyday. To be more accurate, "truth behind the headlines," some of those listed are no longer active, since they catered to a niche or not, which generated too little interest.

My blogs are regularly featured in a few. Here are this week's:
Carnival of Recipes
Carnival of Family Life

Keep checking Soccer Dad for the latest Havel Havelim. He has been busy living it up with his baby, and I haven't seen the latest edition yet. As a mother of five and a granny, I agree that babies are more fun!

I have great news concerning the Kosher Cooking Carnival. The renegadekosher cook will be hosting #12! It will appear late November, details will be posted later. But don't wait. Start sending your kosher food posts now!


Renegade Kosher said...

Now, let's see the reaction... ^^

muse said...

welcome to the KCC family