Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Your favorite kosher restaurant?

Some how I can't think of any of my favorite kosher restaurants; I've eaten in so many really good ones. But I do remember a bad meal, "Bloom's" on Golders Green Road, London. We lived there, right down the road for two years. I'm a big salad eater, and I wanted a salad with my meal. They looked at me like I was asking for shrimp. The best they could come up with was a pickle. Gevalt!

  • Do you have a favorite kosher restaurant?
  • Do you dream of your ideal kosher restaurant?
  • Or what was your worst experience in a kosher restaurant?

Blog on it and send me the link, please? Or if you've ever blogged on the topic, I'd love some posts about unforgettable kosher restaurants for next week's Kosher Cooking Carnival! Actually the carnival is filling up, but... you're still invited to contribute. There can never be too many posts in KCC!

Please send me your links (and any you've found) for the Kosher Cooking Carnival! Either send to shilohmuse at gmail dot com or via blog carnival ...thanks

Good night, and I had better stop talking about food!


Pragmatician said...

My favorite kosher restaurant has got to be in the Kanyon Malcha in Jerusalem.
They have little boots one next to the other with so much choice from different brands and vendors.
There’s both a dairy and fleishig side.
So much choice, rapid service and affordable.

My ideal restaurant would have an all you can eat buffet with chicken as main course in various shapes and sizes.
Marinated, grilled, boiled etc...
Naturally the desert would have to have chocolate in it.

Restaurant experiences are usually pleasant for me but if I have to pick a worse one I'd have to pick a recent experience where in a newly opened restaurant there was absolutely nothing on the menu that spoke to me.

muse said...

I was just in Malcha yesterday with a friend, and last spring we ate at an "all you can eat" at David's Citadel Hotel, with a dream meal like you described.

~ Sarah ~ said...

haven't quite got enough time to write a whole post about restaurants (maybe for the next kcc) but my favourite is 'le sushi' in LA. there's nothing quite like it here in melbourne.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Five Towns,so there are no shortage of good K Rests. The best Ive ever eaten at was Pat's in LA on Pico,the steak and the duck were superb.
Worst was Le Bistro (LI). food poorly prepped, service vile ,manager obnovious.