Sunday, October 15, 2006

What a morning!

First, I must start with the unbeatable bagelblogger, who blurbed the best ever imaginable blurb about HH. I'm sure he had no idea of how prophetic he'd prove.

There was not supposed to be a storm on national post-Succot I was a good girl and didn't launder on chol hamoed laundry day!

Can you imagine!?! I rushed out of bed to hang two batches of towels and hubby's undies when I smelled something funny in the air, and the computer started switching on and off, and before I knew it, the sky had blackened and that first smelly rain began to pour out of the sky!

I must admit that I'm very glad that I wasn't on the road when it happened. There are always seriious accidents when the dusty roads become slick and slidey, wet with that water. Arutz 7 already reported fatal accident in the area which seems most dangerous. The second year we were in Shiloh, our eldest got a bad knock in the head due to a rain-caused multi-car collision on the way to school.

Remember, we did pray for rain yesterday, and if G-d made it rain so quickly, we must be thankful.

Shavua Tov

Have a wonderful week!


~ Sarah ~ said...

it's pretty amazing that you pray for rain... and then it does! Thank G-d.

(although walking to shul in the rain is not the best fun ever.)

good luck with all the washing ;)

Batya said...

It's supposed to wait about a week, so that life can get back to normal and laundry done etc.