Saturday, October 14, 2006

First HH and then the laundry!

I'm about to finalize the 89th Havel Havelim, so stay tuned--keep checking in.

And after that, the laundry! I've been a good girl and I didn't launder a thing this Succot Chol HaMoed. Years ago I didn't know about the restriction, so I washed as usual.

There are usually less things to wash, now that the house is pretty empty. It's just that my husband hasn't taken the walls down, and I don't know how I'll hang the wash. Humidity is increasing, so I really need the lines, all of them.

It can start raining any time. Yes, winter in Israel. We prayed for rain today. My Cousin Mickey and I used to have a "running joke" about his doing rain dances for us here in Israel. It was very "punny," since Mickey was a CP who sat in a wheel chair. No dancing, except his fingers on the computer and his eyes as he joked with everyone. I'm sure he's close to G-d now and free of his afflictions he's dancing away.

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