Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Couple of Rants

Well, I can start with the  totally unexpected appearance of blue on my blog.  I didn't change  the template and can't understand why suddenly it's there.

Another rant....  I had two in my head and when I decided to start with what I started the two ran out of my head... hmmm

Yes, I'm slowing down, well, not all that much compared to this old clunky, may it live and be well computer.  I spend much more time waiting than typing.  My 89 year old father reacts more quickly at times.  We can't afford a new computer.  One of the things I do when waiting is to tweeze "misplaced eyebrow hairs."  My face hasn't been this clean of stray hairs for years.

And what was the second/third thing?  Gevalt  How could I have forgotten?

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