Friday, January 22, 2010

"Seize the Day." Shoot!

A couple of weeks ago I was in a tremp (ride) to Jerusalem, sitting in the back seat, when suddenly the guys in the front said:
"Where's your camera? Why aren't you taking pictures?"
"You can see the Dead Sea behind the mountains. That doesn't happen every day."
"Here it is. You shoot."

Then nothing. He just sat there.

"Why aren't you taking pictures?"
"Maybe they'll be better over the next hill."

Of course they weren't. You've heard the saying:
"Shoot first and ask questions later."
Well, the same goes for photography, especially today in the digital age. Just shoot as soon as something looks interesting. The next opportunity, over the next hill, may be worse. And if it's better, you'll shoot more. The guys in the front seat were tour guides. They can always "spin with words." I'm a photographer, so I need the right image.


Melissa said...

Oh how I dream of coming to Israel.

Truly beautiful.

Batya said...

G-d willing, you'll make it!