Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sans (No) Nightshades Diet vs Arthritis

When I first met "C" she told me that she was frequently sidelined by severe arthritis.  Being blessed with a healthier body, I couldn't imagine what that really meant.

But then we'd make plans and I'd call or get a call and hear:
"Today, I can't move.  Sorry, it's the arthritis."

And even when we'd take a walk, it was a strain to walk slowly enough for her.  Yes, she's younger than I am.

Not long ago, she experimented and started that no nightshades diet.  She was warned that if it worked, the results probably wouldn't show for at least six weeks.

I've been begging her to write a report for this blog.

Nightshade vegetables are hard to avoid.  How many cooked and processed, even salads, foods have neither tomatoes nor paprika?  And they aren't the only nightshade vegetables.  Don't forget potatoes, tomatoes and peppers.

Oh, do you want a quick report of the results of her experiment?  Within days the pain and swelling went down.  She reads my blog, and I hope this great public hint will inspire her to write a first person report on this non-medical cure/method for controlling arthritis.

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