Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No, Not The Water Heater!

This morning my husband left the shower with bad news.  "The water wasn't hot."  But the "boiler" was on last night, on the timer; I don't know how long exactly.  I turned it back on, and I hope the water will be hot when I shower.

We don't need another major expense.

I've lost track of how many times we've replaced the heater in this house.  I hope it's OK, maybe just a matter of cleaning the "mineral deposit" from the pipes.

But human health is more important. Taking care of my father since October is a constant reminder of that.  Maybe the boiler just needs more time, since it's so cold outside and the entering water is colder than usual.

I turned it back on, and now I'm in suspense.


Hadassa said...

You too? After a few problems were fixed, and the thermostat adjusted to prevent more fried wires, we decided that today's lack of sufficient hot water was due to the lowered maximum temperature. We're going to ask the dood dude to increase it tomorrow. I hope that'll do it. I'm still not accustomed to what it takes to get a hot shower here in the mountains.

Batya said...

We have ours on a timer now, a fairly recent addition, but it needs more heat-up time in the winter, since the water entering the system is much colder.
But another problem is that I think the pipe from the solar panel is stuffed with minerals, so we're not getting the "free" hot water.