Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hard To Label

I've always loved taking pictures. 

On my father's side there are lots of artists and art talent.  It was always a great disappointment that my attempts at drawing and painting were disastrous.  The finished product was always far from what my mind had pictured.

When I was a kid I wasn't praised or complimented on my photos, I was threatened for wasting money.  But today when I look at those old black and whites, I see excellent composition, and of course in those days you just took one shot of something.  Every print and developing process was a lot of money.  Even now, when digital photography is so cheap you can delete the bad ones and print nothing, it's rare for me to take more than two or three of the same scene, and frequently the first is the best.

This photo, taken in Jerusalem, is just one.  The photos before and after are totally different.  It was photographed in Jerusalem, most probably Jaffa Street, either while walking or on  a bus.  Because of the time factor between pressing the button and the actual shot, I'm never quite sure how a picture will look.

Contrary to my former attempts at art, drawing and painting, I'm more than satisfied with the results of my photography.  I think that the picture is perfect, but I don't know what title it should get.  This is a real Jerusalem street scene. 

If you have any suggestions, yes, please caption this.  Send in your idea for a title via the comment option.


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