Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Grandkids Came!

I've been complaining that since I began taking care of my father, I never get around to seeing the grandkids.  Last year I watched them two afternoons a week, and now I can't.  Someone always has to be with my father, and when I can get out, it's more morning and I'm exhausted by afternoon.  Yes, sandwich I am.

Last night my daughter called that her husband would drive over this afternoon.  Wednesday is our movie day and the movie is here, but she said that the timing would be fine.

And so, instead of getting all ready for my adult guests, I cleared the dining room table and set up the drawing supplies and the kids had fun drawing and writing.

When the movie club came, they saw the kids and then when everyone was gone I put on Serpico, a great movie.  There's no actor like Al Pacino.

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