Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just Remembered the Missing Rant

I had previously planned on blog-ranting about my senile computer and that I hate TU B'Shvat.  The computer complaint got into the post, but my kvetch about TU B'Shvat didn't make it to my consciousness at the right time. 

Yes, I'm suffering a severe case of information overload.

Nu, you're wondering aren't you why I hate TU B'Shvat.  TU B'Shvat is the winter holiday when we're supposed to celebrate the New Years of the Trees in Judaism.  It's customary to eat fruit, especially fruit native to the Land of Israel.  But to be honest, there aren't too many of those in this season.  The wise Jewish men in Europe didn't know that, not when they decreed that we eat fruit, and not when they thought it would be a good time to plant trees.  It's not the season to plant trees here, a reason that so few of these ceremonially planted trees survive.  Chanukah is better, since there should be a few good months of rain afterwards.

But I haven't explained why I hate TU B'Shvat.  I hate it, because I love eating fruit.  Nu, do you follow?  I can just gorge myself on all those dried fruit that's served, the dates and the raisins and the papaya and the mango and the coconut all sugared and dried and addictive and yes I ate too many at my friend's house.  There were these little cubes of coconut in front of me and a bowl of etrog slices that had something done to them, which I liked so I kept eating and eating and...

...Did I tell you that I ate too much? 


Keli Ata said...

LOL. You're too funny:)

With the amount of walking you do, you'll work off those Tu B'shvt calories in no time.

Ahhh. Dinasour computers. Mine is doing all sorts of strange things. Every day or so dumping files that are corrupt or "dirty." I still have no idea what it all means.

Then there's the constant freezing to where the only way to unfreeze it is to unplug it, which causes more blue screens and dumping of dity files.

It's 7 years old. I'm wondering if I should 1. buy a laptop 2. buy a netbook (wayy cheaper than a desk top or laptop but much less memory).

3. Buy one of those computer clean up software programs that are suppose to have computers working back to normal by correcting all sorts of errors and removing adware and viruses.

Batya said...

Walking doesn't help much for me. I walked plenty when I was obese, weighing over 35 lbs more than I do now.

We have a free "c cleaner." Link's on the sidebar.

I guess binging on fruit, even dates, is less problematic than cake and chocolate.