Thursday, January 7, 2010

Digital TV? Nu, What is it?

Loyal readers know that we're planning on having a TV that actually receives broadcasts, G-d willing.

After I blogged about getting one of those satellite dishes, I got an email from someone about a "digital box" to receive TV broadcasts, since Israel is leaving analog and going digital only.

So, my dumb as usual question is:

Vhot's dot?

What is digital vs analog?

I'd appreciate some help. Thanks!!


Risa said...

If you get an answer to this, please share. We are paying the agra as they say 'for nothting'. (Some would say we have always been paying the agra 'for nothing')
Our TV hasn't been receiving anything for a few months. (Not that I mind.
David has learned to use the internet and we use the TV for wathching DVDs. I can live with it.

Batya said...

Strange, because you're in Rechovot and I thought the problems were only here.

About a month plus ago, the antenna "stopped" getting the only Israeli channel it had been getting.

I understand that there are two types of broadcasting systems, the old analogue, being phased out and the new digital. It may be that your tv stopped when the analogue left, in dumbell (me) laymen's terms. You can buy a digital box for a few hundred shekel and it's like an antenna to get Israel. The service guy I spoke to said that it won't work in Shiloh.