Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Got Out!!

As lazy-natured as I am, I do need my exercise and fresh air.  I've noticed that if I don't get enough exercise, outdoor exercise during the day I can't fall asleep.  And today I didn't get out.  It was windy.  That doesn't bother me all that much, but I couldn't take my father out in the cold wind.  By the time my husband arrived home it was raining, pouring, thank G-d.  Yes, we do need the rain, lots of it, but I needed some exercise.

The rain lessened and I changed into my cheap payless shoes, put on my hold heavy black winter coat, scarf, gloves and stepped out.  Quickly, I was back in and grabbed my umbrella.  I did half my usual walk.  It was worth it, even though my shoes were soaked and so was my skirt.  If I had waterproof boots, I would have walked my usual distance or more.

My father marched around the house today, counting steps to tell me how large it is.

There was nobody else in the street unless they were in a car.


Melissa said...

Sometimes, it just plain feels good to get out of the house, and walk in the rain.

I'm glad you found the time.

Batya said...

Thanks, Melissa, I had to wait until my husband was home. Most nights I take two quick circuits around the neighborhood. Not quite speed-walking pace, but faster than my previous strolls. I also walk in the direction which requires the most effort.

It wasn't a "singing in the rain" type of rain. My umbrella kept blowing out and in. I used it to protect myslef from the strong wind.

Lady-Light said...

"Lazy natured?" By gosh, you sound like me. I think I am a natural batlanit, as it is so hard for me to get myself going and do something physical, even though I feel so much better afterwards.

I'll tell you one thing: when we get back, I will live in my hiking shoes, and just anybody try to say anything about how un-stylish they are (I am the original 'your grandma wore army boots' gal).

Batya said...

Darling, can't wait!
Getting things done and needing physical exercise are two different things.