Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nothing Like My Shiloh Neighbors

My father can't go out in the cold, so I barely got out yesterday.  I needed to borrow some "light reading" books from a neighbor.  He came over to visit with my father while I ran over to choose some.  His "library" is just my taste, and without even trying I grabbed four books.

I did my fitness walk late at night after my husband got home.

I didn't manage to buy more milk.  Before my father came to live with us, one 2 liter container generally covered per week, unless we had guests.  Now, every couple of weeks I have to buy an additional 2 liters, and this week is one of those.  But I couldn't get out to the store yesterday.  And my husband didn't have a chance to buy some in Jerusalem.

I figured that I could always call the store and ask the manager to ask a neighbor to bring some up.  First I asked my husband to ask around on his way out to work.  Before I managed to call the store, my cellphone rang:

"Your milk's on the way.  Can you come out and get it from my car?"
"I'm not dressed for that."
"So, I'll deliver to the door."

And that's what a neighbor did. Thank G-d for good neighbors.


YMedad said...

I had asked Yonah. Now he's not only our eggs man but milk man as well.

Batya said...

Yona's a good friend for anything one needs. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I love reading your stories about everyday life in Israel. I hope to have stories of my own one day.

Batya said...

Thanks Frayda, G-d willing. It's nice to know that the posts are read.