Sunday, January 3, 2010

Waffle-Making Tips and Report

Ever since my husband won the fancy new waffle-maker at the First International Jewish Bloggers Convention, I've had to find excuses to make waffles.  Well, that was a year and a half ago, and I must admit that last night was maybe the second time I've done it.

Making waffles is very easy.  One secret: waffles and pancakes are the same recipe.

Another secret:  I didn't even measure this time!  The basic ingredients are:
  • flour (we used light whole wheat)
  • sugar (I used demara)
  • baking powder
  • eggs
  • oil
  • milk (plain yogurt is good, too, but we only had goats and fruit in the fridge)
  • vanilla extract (I used my homemade in vodka)
It is like a slightly thicker than normal plain cake.
I preheated the waffle iron (a bit more than my daughter thought was necessary,) and put a bit of oil on it ever few batches.  Actually, that was perfect, since nothing stuck.  I waited until smoke or steam came out or the green light was on, and the waffles were stuck to the top.  They were perfectly cooked and the waffle iron was perfectly clean.  It must be hot before you add batter, and don't add too much.

That didn't stop anyone from eating.  Of course, with the toppings (carob spread and bubblegum flavored syrup) my daughter brought along, they probably would have eaten cardboard without complaints.

Sorry, I admit that I purposely took awful pictures to be more discreet about the family's identity.  My kids don't like to be identified as my kids.

My daughter lives only about 15 minutes away, so this was a nice Saturday night family outing for them.  When they finished eating the kids got into pajamas, brushed their teeth and then we walked them to the car, and they drove home.

I guess it's like going to a waffle shop for a family treat!  It was a treat seeing the kids.  My father kept saying that my mother would really get a kick out of seeing the great-grandkids singing, dancing and eating.


The Husband said...

we have goats in the fridge?

Batya said...

Their yogurt is back. Yummy!