Monday, January 18, 2010

I Keep Unplugging The Computer

It seems that whenever I get going, trying to catch up on my email etc... thunder and lightning, so I very cautiously turn off the computer and pull out the plugs.

Just in case you're curious, not that too many people read my rantings, I did make it to the pool.  It took about double the time, from house to water, for all sorts of reasons.  I made my 35 minutes in the pool count.  I didn't treat myself to the sauna and steam-room.

Then I took a ride to the bus station and shopped in the discount supermarket nearby for a few things and then just missed a bus, so I took the next one, dozing part way home.  And in one of G-d's little jokes the same neighbor who gave me a ride to Jerusalem took me up the hill and drove me to the door.

My father seems chilled to the bone, though the house is heated.  He'll feel better when the sun returns, though we need the rain.

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