Thursday, January 7, 2010

TV Reception

For all practical purposes we don't have a television.  We just have a DVD/VCR screen.  That's because we don't receive television broadcasts.

Nu, how do news junkies like me and my husband write our very erudite news commentaries without TV News?  We read, listen and watch the news mostly via the internet.  We've also been following the news  for decades and have a historical perspective, because we remember when important events occurred.  Yes, we are old!  And in my experience, considering how many journalists have interviewed us, that today's don't know bupkes.  They lack the most basic knowledge of history.  The same goes for politicians who make their grandiose statements and demands.

Gevalt!  How did I get to write such politics here on me-ander?

Back to TV reception.  We're very seriously thinking of buying one of those round TV "antennas," aka satellite dishes.  I am not working, and we don't have the income to pay hundreds of shekels (close to $100) every   month on a "cable" deal.

For no more than what six months "Yes" would cost us, we can buy one of those "dishes."  The Milstar "American package" would give us the five Israeli channels plus some news and movie channels.  That's all we need.  When I've tried to find something to watch at my parents Long Island, NY, home with their hundreds of channels, I found nothing most of the time.

My father misses the news.  It never occurred to me that he'd be here in our house so long.  I was sure that my mother would be in Israel by now and we'd have set them up in their own apartment.

I'd appreciate input, if you know of anything helpful.

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