Thursday, January 21, 2010

Risk Taker, Not Me

I took this picture on our way to Tel Aviv a couple of weeks ago. It was fine to observe it from the bus window.

I can't relate to my younger son's tackle football. Even when younger I couldn't see the attraction in those things. I don't like being injured. I don't feel confident that one heals and is fine afterward. My elder son was seriously injured when hit by a small truck when he was riding his bike almost twenty years ago. Once he recovered, I warned him to be careful, so he won't get hurt. He thought I was crazy.
"I healed and I can be healed again."

Is it a female thing?


Anonymous said...

it might be a mother or age thing.
my kid is into rappelling ['snepling'], and i did it once with her. im with on these things.

Anonymous said...

that is, im with you on these things. risking my life is not fun.

Batya said...

I don't think I was ever physically brave. I've always had a fear of going down anything I perceived as steep. a, did you really "sneple?" I'd need to be blidfolded apnd sedated.

Hadassa said...

I loved rappelling in high school (and before), and I'll do it again, with the kids, if I ever have the opportunity. It's not a risk (unlike tackle football) if the crew knows how to tie knots properly and the site is chosen well. My husband thinks I'm crazy, especially when I tell him how I followed the suggestion to hold the rope and dangle in mid-air for a while.

Batya said...

Hadassa, I can picture your doing it. My fear of heights and general paranoia, expecting the worst, would keep me away.