Thursday, January 28, 2010

Olive Oil and the Shuk (Market)

Jerusalem's legendary Machane Yehuda shuk, market, is getting more upscale by the day.  When I was passing through this week, I noticed a new store.  No, it's not a wine shop.  It's an olive oil store.  To the mavens, olive oil is like wine and there are tasting techniques.

I remember when we were impressed because they finally supplied plastic bags.  You used to get a tin "tray" to put your choice, and it would be dumped into another which went on the old type of scale.  About the scales, you were lucky if they had proper weights and not just rocks.  After paying you just poured it all into your sal shopping bag, which was brought from home. 

"מה הבעיה Mah habaaya?  What's the problem?  You can trust me that the big rock weighs a kilo and the smaller half!"

Now, with the sophisticated electric digital scales, you can know to the gram how much you've bought, as long as you can see the numbers that is.

Here's a fruit stand with a pre-TU B'Shvat selection.

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