Monday, January 25, 2010

A Bit Of An Ego Trip

The other day the phone rang:
"I have someone to meet you."
"Yes, you.  One of my friends is a fan of yours, and she's here in Shiloh.  Can we come over?"
"Sure, just don't mind the laundry drying in the living-room.  The house isn't set up for guests at the moment."
"No problem.  She only wants to see you, not your housekeeping."

I'm well aware that all sorts of people all over the world read my writing, internet, newspapers, magazines...  It's nice that they even make an effort to f2f, meet me in person.


Lady-Light said...

You know, when I get to Israel, I won't care about your housekeeping either (and you'd better not care about mine!)
If we cared about the house not the people, we'd never meet anybody.

Batya said...

And if we cared too much about housekeeping we'd never get anything else done.

Hadassa said...

As a friend once replied to my "excuse the mess" apology: "I didn't make it and I don't have to clean it." I mentally finished her thought, "So why should I care?"
My husband went with a friend to visit his friends. As my husband was admiring the organized, spotless PERFECT apartment his friend commented that the couple never had children.
You can't have everything...

Batya said...

Right! Give me kids any day, and it doesn't pay to clean before the grandchildren come. Nobody crawls.

Lady-Light said...

This reminds me of a story...the management in our complex couldn't understand why we wanted the carpet cleaned before Pesach; shouldn't it be after, to clean up the mess from the seder? They just didn't 'get it'
(what this has to do with the price of noodles-er-this post, I haven't a clue...)

Batya said...

Cleaning, my least favorite occupation.