Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Thought I Was Losing My Mind

I just got back from previewing the pictures on my camera to check if there are enough to make it worthwhile to burn a disc or whatever the phrase should be.

There were two shots davka from yesterday I couldn't place for the life of me.  I kept going over all the things I had done and seen and photographed.  They weren't from packing for the IDF soldiers I did with Packages from Home.  They weren't from the Jerusalem streets.  They weren't from the --I'm not allowed to blog about it yet--  They weren't from my lunch with a friend in the Village Green, nor the streets I walked nor the shuk, Machane Yehuda Market, nor the bus.

Suddenly I remembered.  I went to the Camera shop in Binyan Clal on my way to the bus station and shuk.  My previous photos had been marred by a strange blurring, which I trust you can see in these pictures.  No, it wasn't some intentional effect I had wanted to achieve.

I tried cleaning the camera lens and had decided to bring it in to make sure it was really OK.  The nice guy in the shop must have shot those two pictures when he tested it out and before giving it a super scrubbing.



Robin said...

That would have driven me utterly crazy too! Glad you figured it out.

Batya said...

It was spooky. I'm glad I bought the camera in that store. Service is great. I could have bought in NY but then I'd be stuck.