Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Time Has Come... Actually, It's Long Overdue

The women who had been in my Diet Group last year have been asking me when we're resuming our meetings.  The time has come to reactivate the group under new "rules."  No, "rules" isn't the right word/term.  Maybe "conditions."

It's time for me to break into the Coaching profession more seriously.  I do it well as a friend, and the women who had been in my Diet Coaching Group were extremely pleased with my way of dealing with things.

There's  also English Tutoring.  I'm a qualified, licensed, experienced teacher.  I need to earn money.  I also have photos of Shiloh and Jerusalem to sell, and I can photograph events and other things and do public relations.

The time has come...

I have to start promoting myself as a professional a multitalented and skilled professional.

The time has come to shoot for the stars!!!

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