Sunday, November 21, 2010

Do I Really Smell Rain?

Here in the Holy Land, where G-d is just a "local call" we're more "attached," connected to G-d/nature.  I always think of that when we have our "first rains."  There's a special "odor."  Yes, you can smell the rain arriving.

There may be a scientific reason for it.  Could it be the meeting of humidity and dust?  A chemical reaction?

Back to today, is it just wishful thinking?  Or is it related to Murphy's Law?  I am planning two round-trips to Jerusalem and back.  So, davka, why today?  But we're suffering a horrendous drought, and modern life is awfully water-wasting.  For some inexplicable reason, the government isn't even broadcasting their water-saving information ads on television.

First Rains are usually dangerous times, lots more car accidents, because the rain on the road combines badly with the oils and dust making it very difficult to control cars.  So, we must not only pray for rain, we must pray for safe traveling, G-d willing.


Hadassa said...

I smell rain too. And my laundry, though dry, is not crispy today. I agree: there must be something that the humid air absorbs to give it a different smell: dust? spores?

Batya said...

The nights are nice and humid, but it should be pouring at night and sunny during the day, as long as it rains every night.

Since it only get this smell for the first rain or two or after a dry spell, you can think of it as rust from an underused pipe...